Did You Know?

Here are some tax tips that will help you (and us) get your taxes filed properly.
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Filing Your Tax Return and
Paying Your Taxes are
Two Different Events

Traditionally, everyone took care of their tax responsibilities all at one time. This caused a lot of people to assume that filing their tax return and paying their tax bill need to happen at the same time, but this is not the case.

We can file your tax return 60 or more days ahead of the payment due date, and you can wait until the payment due date (usually April 15) to make your tax payment. Filing sooner, rather than later will allow you to know how much you owe, and plan for that expense.

Filing early also protects you from potential monetary penalties that would occur if your return didn’t get filed on time. Things like Internet service interruptions, or mail not getting postmarked as expected could delay your return, costing you more money.

We had too many last minute filers in 2021, and most of them could have filed much sooner, and  paid anytime afterward, up to the due date.

Finally, filing early prevents the potential of a fraudulent return being filed in your name, so the best choice is to file as soon as you can, and pay when it suits your situation.